add some "pop" to your fathers day table

Last week I bought some Dad's root beer to add to my Fathers Day table for my husband, the root beer lover.  I was so excited to see the quick, cute addition that Kristi over at 2Clever made for her root beer.

These labels add just that little something extra to the bottle to make it look like you've gone the extra mile for good ol' dad.  Directions found HERE.


Anonymous said...

very cute! Except "your" should be "you're".

denise said...

Glad yo like them anonymous - Kristi and her friend at 2Clever always have great ideas.

I've read and reread the post and I can't find the correction for "your". The only your I see is in the post title and "your" is correct. Now I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if I have completely forgotten all the English skills I learned in school. If someone sees the mistake that I'm missing please leave a comment - it's making me crazy that I can't find it :)

denise said...

So of course I mess up in the comments...glad "you" like them not glad "yo" like them

denise said...

I think I found what you were talking about Anonymous...the label on the bottle says your and not you're.

If you go to the post on 2Clever where these labels originated you'll see that Kristi points out the mistake and has fixed it for the downloadable labels.

Susan Crabtree said...

it would also be a cute gift to take to new dad's after the birth of their child!