where have you been all my life

Hello!!!  How have I not seen this company before?!?!  I love every product that Garnish has. I want to plan parties around boxes, cups, bags, etc - is that so wrong?  

Don't all reasonable people see a great cardboard beverage holder and immediately have the plans for a picnic pop in their head?  I refuse to believe I am the only one this happens to - I know there are people out there right now that started planning a party the moment they saw the picture above.

No you say?  Well what about now...

or now...

or now...

Look at some of these great ideas

Even more ideas can be found here.  Don't forget to check out their blog also.

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Garnish said...

Hi Denise,

Your logo is just the cutest ever! We're so happy you have found Garnish. We have so much fun spreading the love of packaging and the ability to add a little Garnish. Thanks for the shout out, and helping folks answer that age old question, 'where have you been all my life?'!

Garnish + Enjoy,

- Suzanne