never underestimate a balloon

I'm not big into balloon decor for parties but I fell in love with the balloon ceiling used for this Winter Wonderland party that I found at P is for Party.

Did I say yet that I'm loving the ceiling?

I was also excited to find Christi's blog, P is for Party.  Christi is a fairly new blogger so if you haven't visited her before stop by and tell her hi.  She has some great ideas and parties to share.


Cari said...

I've been a blog stalker for quite some time now. :) (My husband was good friends with your husbands brother growing up and my brother was friends with your husband. In fact, your husband bussed tables at my wedding! I came across your blog through Amy-Sue's.) Anyway, I love all your fun party ideas. I wanted to share something we did for our last ward Christmas party that's similar to the balloon ceiling. We found light-weight foam snowflakes at the dollar store and tied them to the bottom of the strings of the balloons. Here's what it looked like. It would have been a little better if we had more balloons, but we had to stay within budget. It was really cool looking in real-life.

Andeverythingsweet said...

Oh wow!!! That looks amazing!!!