once upon a time

My family reads - we read a lot!  

My oldest daughter dreams of working at Borders just so she can smell the books - weird, huh?  But really she loves the smell of new books.  You should see her face light up when she steps into a book store and takes a deep breath. The other indicator of her love of reading  is that she was supposed to read 900 pages this semester in her advanced high school English class but instead she read nearly 2000 pages for the semester (that's not counting the required books she had to read - the 2000 pages were her free reading)

The husband just got a Kindle for Father's Day (yes, I gave it to him early) so that he could have 1000's of books at his fingertips.

We all spend time each day reading and loving it so imagine my thrill when I saw this table top design today on Once Wed.  The table was designed by the creative folks at Flush Designs

The book pages vase has me grinning from ear to ear.  It reminds me of the lamps I saw in an Anthropologie display a few months back that I have been wanting to recreate.

I love all those pages of words displayed so beautifully.

Back to the table...this idea can work not only for a wedding but would also be great for a book club dinner, a book release party, a book lovers birthday, teacher appreciation luncheon, graduation party - do you see the possibilities?!?!?

Now I'm off to snuggle on the couch with a good book.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

What a beautiful and unique tabletop!

BLT said...

This whole post makes me drool!