you looking at me?

I love this party by Studio Number One that I found over at Cup of Jo.  I love a fresh new idea for a party

I am so planning this for my friends as well as for my 15 yr old daughter - what a fun end of school party.  I can only imagine the competition that would ensue between all the 15-17 yr olds.

Love, love, love new ideas!

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janae said...

What a perfect game for teenagers ... or adults ... or anybody. So fun. I love the idea of tournaments. My friend works for Omniture, and each year they have a rent-a-tux type of Christmas event where they play a random game for an awesome prize. So two years ago they had a company-wide rock/paper/scissors game (all while wearing ball gowns and tuxes) and my friend won. The prize? A $10,000 African Safari. How much does that rock??!!!!