take a bite out of these

For me the thrill of parties tends to be in the planning and not the actual party itself - I love the planning.  I love the party too but I get the most enjoyment out of letting my imagination go wild and coming up with creative party ideas or finding others creative ideas and incorporating them into my own parties.

I have been focusing my energies on the planning of a New Moon release party the last couple of days.  I love searching the internet and finding ideas but after so many hours spent searching the beloved computer I'm starting to find the same ideas and websites.  

So I was beyond excited when I came across a new idea that I hadn't found yet.  Check out these cookies that I found at Baking Bites.  I love them!  

I don't think I'm going totally vampire for the party - I just want some subtle vampiry-ness so I love the simpleness of these cookies - they're not so over the top vampire.

For those not big on Twilight these cookies could be made for a number of other party themes - Halloween being the obvious one.  These cookies would look great on a Halloween dessert bar.

This find has given me a renewed desire to continue to dig through the internet in hopes of finding even more ideas that I haven't seen yet.

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lisalyn said...

I totally understand the whole "planning" aspect of the party. That consumes me sometimes. :)

Those cookies look delicious!