i guess this is...getting personal friday

Ryan has been getting a bit of press around the internet as of late.  In my daily searching for party ideas I have stumbled on his marriage proposal a few times see HERE and HERE and HERE.  I love that all the articles refer to him as geeky and a nerd, or was it dork?  Whatever it is 3 cheers for dorky, geeky nerds :)   Funny that it's just making the rounds now since he posted pics of the proposal in 2006.

Is this not so cute and creative?  The real ring was hidden inside the Lego diamond he created

The set up my mom and I put together in the backyard of my parents old home.  Private and romantic - just what my brother wanted.

Perhaps I need to start looking for Lego party ideas and invite my little bro over for a celebratory dinner.

Congrats Ry - we're proud of you!

Just added...found a video here


Lorie said...

That is really cool. Congratulations to him. I am sure that if my son realized that was a job it would be his dream job!

janae said...

Yay for him! If he proposed like that, he DESERVES a job at lego land. Woohoo for one more person moving to California ... now if only we could join y'all! ;)

ry said...